Thursday, May 9, 2013


Bad Project Listing:
“Hello, I want you to write a story for me from scratch. I will give you no ideas or help with the story line. I want you to provide all the materials I will need to sell it. You must have it properly edited and formatted for an ebook. In return for writing a book that you, yourself could put on Amazon for free and make all the profit off of if you were not selling it to me, I will pay you less than $500, you will get no royalties, and your name will not be anywhere on the book to get credit for it. Thank you.”
Why do people apply to projects like this? I like freelancing because people give me their ideas and I turn them into marketable stories and reports. But occasionally you come across job listings like this, that yes, people apply to do. Why? If you can come up with your own idea, write, edit, and format it into an ebook - post it on Amazon yourself. With your name. Get all the royalties. Unless they will pay you $5000.......

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