Sunday, May 19, 2013

Freelance Websites Part III

Another alternative is creating your own website. Some people use blogs to promote their work. They use Paypal and encourage people to contact them through email on their blog. Although my blog is a part of my platform, I am not using it to actively seek employment. In other words, I am targeting other freelance writers, people who want to become freelance writers, or people interested in freelance writing. If you want to generate interest in your freelance work, you would target people who want to employ freelance writers.

Instead of creating a website that is solely a blog, you can also create a website that is a traditional website instead of posting new information each week in a blog style website. A good example for you to base your website on is actually my profile on Guru. Click here to see it.

Obviously you will not need to post earnings information, but you might want to post skill categories. You can post certifications and when you received them, but you won't be able to take tests on your own website. You will also see that I have chosen to hide things, such as my resume and contact information. Where I have feedback, you can get references. You can also decide whether or not you want to post your prices or if you want to have any "deals."

You will need to have some sort of contact information on your website. Even though my contact information is hidden from the general public, potential employers can still contact me though Guru. Your potential employers will not be able to do this, unless you set up some sort of contact through your website. I eventually created an email that is specific to my freelance work, so this is one option for dealing with the volume of email you get.

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