Saturday, May 11, 2013


Looking back over some of my posts, I see they need a good edit, and I apologize. I really do try to read through them at least once before posting, but I find it hard to give them the thorough attention they deserve.

Being busy is good. But there are ups and downs of any freelance job. So, when there are downs, I will do my best to go back and check through things I missed.

I really need a secretary, but my business isn't big enough to support one yet. Plus, I like not making it into an actual business - this way I can fool myself into thinking that it is fun. Not that writing isn't fun, but it is also a chore. Especially when I feel uninspired about the topic, like the few I am writing about now. Which is why I am here...editing...and posting...when I should be working...

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