Monday, May 13, 2013

Being a Social Author

Years ago, authors were recluses that would reluctantly appear at book signings and media events. Now with modern social networking, authors don't have to leave their homes, but they do have to have a platform if they want to get published.

So, what's my platform? Well, you are reading one part of it. I also have another blog I share with my husband that is linked to this one. And, in case you didn't guess, I have a Goodreads account. Plus my Google + account, my Facebook account and the Facebook page for the book.

We are also going to be designing a web page for the book with a movie teaser that has already been filmed and will get posted on YouTube. Voila, a platform.

Unfortunately, it is rather difficult to keep up with all the social media and still get work that pays done. It is also disconcerting to wonder if people are actually reading your stuff or just clicking on you by mistake. I would much rather do a book signing.

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