Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why freelance?

When I was younger, my mother bought a Mary Kay starter kit and became the free-spirited self-employed woman of the 90s with her own in home business. Actually, she ended up spending more money on the starter kit than she ever made from the business. I think most of the products she bought expired before they were either sold (only a few) or used (much more).

Since that time I have been reasonably skeptical of businesses that target stay-at-home moms. Although I truly do like some of the products offered, I find myself feeling sorry for the woman selling whatever items at whatever the latest house party is that I have been invited to attend. I do try to make a point to go to as many parties as I can and order whatever I can afford to spend if for no other reason than to try and help the poor woman (who is almost always a shy introvert) make some of her investment money back. Yes, I know there are success stories, but those are few and far between.

So, when I was desperate for money, I was overjoyed to discover a market for freelance writers. Yes, everyone dreams of being a writer. No, not everyone can cut it. But freelancing is a whole different monster. Many make a decent living and some employers really don't care about quality as long as you are fast and cheap.

I do have some writing experience - I could have minored in creative writing had I completed the necessary forms and interviews. I also like to think of myself as a little better than average writer. Since my husband and I have a blog we write together in an effort to promote a book we have written, I figured I could write a blog about my experiences making a paycheck writing without having "made it" as a writer.

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