Monday, April 15, 2013

All kinds of jobs

When you freelance, you not have to be a writer. Freelancers can be programmers, web designers, artists, musicians, and yes, authors. Some people even do freelance tutoring – although how you tutor a second grader every day of the week from afar is beyond me. My specific category of freelancing is “Writing, Editing, and Translation.”

Although some freelancers only write, only edit, or only translate, I happen to do all three. I only translate from French into English; however, I am considering translating Spanish to English as well. I could go the other way, but I am not a native speaker and I know I would screw up the grammar. I tend to do pretty much any form of editing, but I am currently only familiar with Harvard and APA styles. I am thinking about learning Chicago Style, but I am not there yet.

When it comes to writing, I try to stay away from things I am not good at – like writing humor or press releases. I personally do not write blogs (as a freelancer), nor do I do web content (the one job I had gave instructions that were very vague), nor will I write erotica, product/book reviews, or anything that I feels violates my code of ethics/morals/and the Bible. I have had two jobs that I took, but then declined because of this. This includes translating websites that sell forged diplomas. Who posts these jobs?!?

What I like to do varies from time to time, but that is the nice thing about freelancing, you can change what you are doing or what type of work you are doing whenever a new job is posted.

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