Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Love Story

I love to write real love stories. When I was younger, I would go around asking married couples how they met. I have always been fascinated with what initially attracts people to each other in such a way that they will stay together for the rest of their lives. Or not...

Frequently there are posts asking for an author to write a personal love story of "how we met." Unfortunately, most of these are not really happy romances.

So far, I have written two romantic "how we met" stories. Both of them ended with the man (who was paying me to write the story) leaving. Sad. Shocking. Startling.

So why are they my favorite? I think it is because I am getting the other half of the coin now that I am happily married and have been for fourteen years. Now, instead of finding out what worked, I am finding out what didn't work. A small part of me is giving these people a story written down about themselves that they accomplished. I am hoping that they will find their true love the next time around. I also enjoy getting to know these people and talking with them.

The hardest part is letting go and not knowing where the story actually ends.

An alternative to this type of story is the "write my life story." These are also interesting to write, but a little more difficult and in-depth.

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