Friday, April 19, 2013


Johnny-5 is one of my favorite repeat clients. He does not pay well, but he was willing to hire me when I was first starting. Inexplicably, I find his jobs linked to more better paying jobs. It is as if he is a trend setter for me. Once he has offered me a new job and I have accepted, then other new jobs tend to come pouring into my lap.

Johnny-5 is very easy to work for. He understands that I have a busy schedule filled with better paying jobs, an he is willing to wait for the work he gives me. This means, I can accept his job and wait until I have a lull.

I am currently working on a "rewrite" for him. Sadly, this means the author he hired gave him something he cannot market. Usually a rewrite is marketable and just needs to be rewritten so it sounds like a new book. In this case, there was a need for a new book.

Another good thing about Johnny-5 is that he provides you with a detailed working outline. Generally, you only have to add two or three paragraphs about each of his sub-topics. However, I am hoping he will send me some new topics to explore. The past two jobs were on the same topic.

Most freelancers would enjoy writing about the same thing multiple times. It means less research and more money. You can also do something called "spinning" but I could not do that. It is where you take a computer program, put a document into it, and the computer spits out another document that will pass a copyright scan even though it is basically the same.

The biggest problem is that computers are not very intelligent. They tend to spit out garbage that makes no sense or is overly flowery.

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