Friday, May 30, 2014

The Inconvenient Widow Giveaway

Okay, so Goodreads had some sort of e-mail glitch (according to them) and since they couldn't e-mail me a confirmation, my Giveaway for The Inconvenient Widow (an inspirational historical romance) didn't go live until a few days ago. I kept changing the "end date" to reflect the not getting posted, but they posted it when there were only a few days left.

So, I am drawing your attention to it - just click the link above to enter. Goodreads picks the winners and I send them the book, but I have to agree to a very strict contract that prohibits me from doing anything with that information except that.

I want this giveaway to end before I tell you my opinion on these. Then I will have two under my belt and I can better give you a rounded opinion.

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