Friday, May 9, 2014

Trying to Gain Ground

Well, I have been putting out 4 books so we can fill a shelf at the New York book expo - more on that later. However, I have one more book to "fix" and then it will be off (the other 7 are already heading to NY).

So, I had to check on Goodreads because my Sal Giveaway ended this week. (Wow, I have so much to blog about it is crazy.) You will notice that the Sal Giveaway link (above) will be replaced by a Widow link soon.

Now, the purpose of these giveaways is to give a book away in exchange for a review. (Yeah!) However, I noticed on May 6th I got a one star review of the book from Erin Roberts on Goodreads.

At first, I thought about sending her a message, asking her why she didn't like my book (she didn't actually take the time to write a review). But then I remembered why I am trying so hard to get Sal reviews - that is the ONLY book I have not sold 1 title for. Yep, no one has bought the book and since I just mailed the winners their copies today only my friends and family could have read a copy (because I have been giving it to them).

Now I suppose Erin could potentially know one of my friends or family and have read my book without purchasing it, but I doubt it. Call me suspicious. I should think that she has somehow found my book, read it, and disliked it because it makes no sense why she would randomly choose me to bestow her hatred on. Or maybe she is angry because I she did not win the giveaway (over 1000 people entered to get 5 books.) However, I do not pick the winners. She should give Goodreads a one star review not me. They simply send me the winners along with some serious warnings that I had better get them their books ASAP.

Thankfully, my mother has also reviewed Sal (I gave her a copy, so I assume she read it.) Sal now has a Goodreads rating of 3 stars. :( Looks like it's going to be a long time before I will sell my first copy of this book I love.

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