Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Selling Books at McDonalds?

Sigh. I frequently work in unusual places. The library and McDonalds are actually two of the more normal places (I am typing this on my grandmother's couch right now).

As part of my Goodreads Giveaways, I am required to send the books in a timely manner. So, when I was sending Sal, Captain of the Baby Guards, I had to address the envelopes while my kids played at the McD's play place. Now, here there I was with a bunch of children's books and many non-related kids running around. Oh, it was so tempting to try and hawk them, but I am sure there was a "no soliciting" sign that I had previously never paid attention to posted on the door.

I was good. I didn't even broad cast I had these books by moving them from the chair to table (probably more because I didn't want them to be ruined if something spilled on the table). However, perhaps I should ask management if I can set up an author signing there in the future? If I become desperate enough to sell Sal in the future, and do this, I will let you know the outcome.

For the record, I have talked with my local Barnes and Noble manager about doing a book signing. There are problems with this (CreateSpace does not offer returnable books, so I would have to buy all of the 30 copies that do not sell at retail price, and not all of my books are listed through expanded distribution to keep prices down. In short, if you don't list your books so they can be sold on B&, you cannot sell your books in a B&N store). However, I am also planning on approaching some independent retailers.

The B&N signing won't occur until late July. I will update later on that, too.

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