Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Vast Minefield of the Internet

I know many people who type random words innocently into search engines only to get not so innocent results. I have had this happen to me once when I was trying to figure out how to spell a British phrase. I thought "cocking" meant "looking." Needless to say I never discovered the answer because I was so offended by what it turned up that I pursued the topic no further.

However, I have recently stumbled across a naughty website because I clicked on a topic a search engine returned and discovered that the link did not take me to the website it described. I reported it, but it made me realize how irresponsible some people are. What if a child had clicked on that?

Ideally, authors would stick to libraries and academic journals for their information, but that is not always the easiest method of research. For example, I wanted to check into crowdfunding for my last post. One would assume that would be an innocent topic, but alas no. I clicked on two crowdfunding websites only to find they were for crowdfunding perv, fetish, and porn niches.

While it is disturbing to stumble across these websites, it is even more disturbing to think that one would go to ones friends and ask them to fund your latest porn video. I am glad I don't have friends like that.

As someone who has to be on the internet all the time, I think all browsers should automatically be set to keep this out. I don't know if this is the way it is, but mine obviously is not. Prior to a few weeks ago, I never had any problems.

For a writer, not being able to type in key words and find relevant information wastes research time. I cannot write articles about up-to-date business internet information without being able to use the internet to find said information. I cannot recommend websites without using a search engine to find good ones. It seems to me that not only creating a .xxx extension for these websites, but also creating an a would be helpful. That way, my search engine won't show junk I don't want to see and people who want to see it can find it without sorting through non-perv websites.

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