Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Writer's Block

When I get writer's block, I usually have to read to get over it. I know some people watch movies or look at bulletin boards or Pinterest with inspiring pictures they have tacked to it, but I have found reading is the best way to get me out of my rut.

Sometimes I read fiction works, but non-fiction actually is more inspiring because I can read about things surrounding my characters. If my characters are farmers, I find books about farmers. If my characters lived in the 17th century, I read history from that time period.

I do occasionally look at other people's Pinterest pages (and have thought about creating mine), but I really prefer to immerse myself in the character's life through reading. Visual stimulation is just too brief.

I also like to read other people's stories about my characters. I can hire a freelancer and give them the character and setting and have them write a story about the character. This helps me even if I do not use most of it. Sometimes other people can see things about my characters that I have missed. I think it comes from all the classroom/ collaborative writing I have done and my collaborative theatre work. I am used to working with other people to create.

I think collaboration is the only way to write numerous stories without repeating yourself. For example, when I read Georgette Heyer, I notice that she wrote many books but some of the plot lines are close to each other. Jane Austin wrote only a few books but each was distinct. Shakespeare wrote many plays, but used stories that were written by others to create them. (No, I don't think other people actually wrote the plays for him.) One person can only have so many ideas without the input from others.

That is what I like about freelancing. Basically, another author is giving me their story, and I am working with them to improve it.

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