Thursday, March 6, 2014


The toughest part of being a freelancer is when you get sick. I am not talking about slightly sick, lay in bed with a box of tissues, and keep working. I am talking about so sick you don't even want to read and looking a a computer screen makes you want to run for the bathroom.

I was very sick last week. I pretty much slept through four-and-a-half days.

In normal businesses, someone else would do the work for you if you got sick, but when you are the only one, you are stuck.

Most of my employers have been very understanding when I get sick. Generally, I have my husband send them an e-mail about it. Thankfully, I was working for one of those employers this time and writing an academic paper.

I think I will develop a standard e-mail that my husband can send, should it happen again. I always worry that he will type something filled with spelling and grammar errors. As a writing freelancer, I never like to send e-mails that have not been proofread two or three times. I do not want people to think I am careless with my edits - unless they are reading my blog where I tend to be a bit more relaxed. :-) Then again, maybe it's good he writes them because his writing style is very different than mine.

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