Monday, March 24, 2014

Wanted! Someone to Represent Me on Dating Websites

I wish I was joking, but I really did see this job advertised. This breaks many ethical boundaries in my book. However, in seven days, two people have actually signed up for it. Amazing.

Additionally, the "employer" is going to pay a generous $2-$5 per hour!!! for someone to do this. It is no wonder this cheapskate cannot get a date.

I don't give dating advice, but if you are having a hard time getting a date, it may be time to look at yourself and critically analyze what you can change to improve your overall package. You see, getting a date is a lot like getting a freelance job. You may be desperate, but you don't want your potential employer to know you are desperate. You want your employer to see your best skills.

In writing my proposals, I struggle with not pointing out all my flaws as well. For example, when I started I had zero feedback on my profile. It was difficult to say, "Now, I know that I don't have any feedback, but I am new here." Pointing out your flaws and answering them is one way to resolve issues before they arise, but it doesn't work when you are selling yourself.

It's the same when I wrote my first query letters to publishing companies. It was difficult to avoid writing "Now, I haven't published anything yet, but my grandma says this book is a best seller and I took writing in high school."

All of these statements, including, "Now, the things I say don't come out right, so I am hiring someone to social network on dating websites for me," are self-depreciating. From the time we are small we are taught humility, but humility won't get you jobs - or online dates. It is only when we develop a relationship with another person that humility is important - it keeps friends.

But selling yourself through writing is a one time shot. I am not saying you need to brag about skills you don't have (that will sink you just a quick when they open your manuscript to read it), but focus on what you do have and make sure the person reading your proposal or query is impressed by it.

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