Sunday, June 16, 2013

Plagiarism II

So, this brings me to my next assignment, which I should be working on right now but decided to blog about instead.

In this case, a non-medical person wanted me to edit medical pamphlets he wishes to distribute. As I was working, I noticed that some of the information was word-for-word to the websites I was referencing to check the information. In other cases, some words were dropped or changed that actually made the information wrong so I had to correct it. By doing so, it became the original.

Now, this guy is not paying the best, but I am willing to rewrite it for him and edit it because he is paying more than I would charge to do the edit alone. This time, he is the one who "wrote" it, so I am waiting to see what his response is. Officially, his document cleared my plagiarism checker (which made me wonder if the quality of that is not as good as I thought). However, I know that he is writing stuff word-for-word because I can see it, so I do not need an online checker to tell me.

Once again the key is to take good notes not comprehensive notes.

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