Saturday, June 8, 2013

Blogging break

So, I had to take a blogging break for a week or so. I would like to say I went to some exotic local and forgot my computer at home, but the truth is far less luxurious. In truth, my husband and son went on a trip together.

I might have been able to hang on to everything I was doing and continue with my blogging, but a series of unfortunate events not dissimilar to the books of the same names converged upon that week. You see in the beginning of May, I ran a week's worth of Teacher Appreciation at my son's school. This put me a little behind, but the next week, I knew I would catch up. Unfortunately, the Broadway Musical "Wicked" was in town and even more unfortunately, a local dresser broke her foot creating an emergency situation that I was called in to take care of the week after Teacher Appreciation. So another week was spent working on that and I fell further behind. Then the principal quit to retire in Florida, and I spent a week dealing with PTO elections, passing a card for students to sign, and taking care of the 8th grade awards ceremony and dance. And the very next week, my husband left and I had to deal with book check in which did not move smoothly.

I would like to say that the worst casualty of this was that I let my blog go for a little more than a week. However, that is only the second worst tragedy. The worst tragedy is that during this past month I have been unable to make it to the library, so I just had to pay $94 in overdue fines. Ouch!

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