Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Quirks of IE 11

I knew not to click the upgrade button - but my ADHD was out of control. The second I did it, I realized I was in for a buggy ride across a plowed field.

[I know, if you aren't Amish you probably won't get that; and if you are Amish, I doubt you will be accessing the Internet to read it - but I'm from IN, so farm analogies are right there. :)]

Sure enough, Grammarly stopped working and told me I needed to upgrade to the latest version of IE. Of course when I clicked the link the Microsoft website informed me that I had the latest version. So, I have been running Chrome every time I use Grammarly.

[A while back my husband tried to install Comodo Dragon as a browser, but I nixed that. I am more paranoid about hackers than data miners.]

My profile on Guru only displayed a gray background with IE 11, but I knew the picture was there if I clicked Chrome.

Well, another freelancer asked why Guru wasn't loading her profile right tonight on their public answers forum. Several people suggested she clear her cache (always the first choice in resolving browser issues). I told her I thought it was just IE 11. Then I decided to check. Yep. There are issues all over the web with Microsoft's update.

One helpful article: Internet Explorer at it again... told me what I needed to know. So, I went to my profile and clicked compatibility mode (under tools). The picture of the water is my profile as I designed it and as it appears in Chrome. The other picture is how it appears in IE11 with compatibility mode on. I have no clue where the picture it is displaying came from. It is not on my computer, and I did not upload it.

Compatibility mode did fix the problem with Grammarly. Grammarly still asked me to upgrade, but when I skipped the upgrade functionality was returned to the website. (yeah) So, if any of you are having troubles and still really want to use IE like I do, compatibility mode may be the best fix for a rotten browser version (look under "tools).

However, in my quest, I discovered a couple of other obscene problems this "update" causes. First, it can interfere with the way Firefox functions. Second - I have not been able to print more than one item at a time from my wirelessly connected printer without rebooting my computer. I actually found someone else that was having this problem, too. This person uninstalled IE 11 and reinstalled IE 10 and found printing life was back to normal.

This news greatly saddened me. I have a favorites file with 121 links and 11 folders in it. With every book or series I am currently researching, I keep links to reference information easily. I have links to the Copyright office and social networking links that I don't want the info erased for when I clean my cookies in general. I assume the cookies would also need to be recreated for my favorites because I would probably purge them all before making the switch just to be sure some didn't get lost in my computer
[that pesky hacker paranoia again].
The thought of having to copy all these links manually into a document, uninstall IE11, install IE10, and then add them back in and arrange them is depressingly daunting.

If you haven't already, don't install this upgrade. You will save yourself a lot of pain if you can keep yourself from clicking it.

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