Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sharing Other Blogs

Up until now, I have shared a few useful links on here, but I read several blogs and occasionally, I find a good link to one that is useful on LinkedIn. For example, today, I read: Guest Blogging : How To Use Your Blog To Get The Attention of Other Bloggers. Now, I have no interest in guest blogging, and I generally avoid blogging sorts of freelance jobs. However, I am more than willing to do interviews. (The one I did for Pebble in the Still Waters was great!)

So, I have decided to start including interesting posts on my blog (occasionally). In part, this is because I know that links are important for SEO, but in part it is because there is some really good information I come across that would be useful to people interested in becoming writers. I am still planning on keeping my posts focused: on my experiences freelancing and on what I have learned/ am learning from them. But, just like my occasional Reader's favorite review, I will add a blog post here and there. I may even decide to review another writer's blog, since I enjoy reading them and find certain ones inspiring or relaxing.

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