Monday, April 7, 2014

Personal Life vs. Freelancer Life

I am relatively open about my life. I don't try to hide that I am a Christian (yeah, my blog readers might be surprised I am with all the grump I put on here, but this is therapy) with a very black and white view of things and a very black sense of humor ( I hate slapstick). Anyone can follow me on Facebook because 99% of my posts are public. (I don't accept Facebook friend requests unless I actually do know and recognize the person, though.) I post about my personal life there, and I make an effort to read every single post my friends put up (hence my limit on who I friend).

But Google+, blogging, Goodreads, and LinkedIn are different. I will connect with people who add me to their circles and network with others in my groups because this is about business. I try not to post things unrelated to writing on here because this blog is about work.

I am not a different person here than what I am on Facebook. My LinkedIn and Google+ accounts are just as public. But what I talk about is different. For example, a frequent post on Facebook will begin: "Mornings in the van:" and then I will talk about what my kids did or said in the van. You won't see that here. I also try to read many of the posts on Google+ when I get a chance, and I read the highlights for LinkedIn, but not to the extent I do on Facebook. I think it is important to keep business and personal life separated.

This is harder as a freelancer because most of us work from home. I can be typing this while my children are screaming in the background or while my husband is snoring next to me, and I have to block all that out and focus on my work. That can be difficult. Sometimes, I find it so difficult that I get in the car, drive to McDonalds, get a smoothie, and sit in their parking lot working. It is the closest thing I have to an office.

It can also be difficult to relate each blog/ Google+/ and LinkedIn post back to writing. (Goodreads posts are all about reading of course!) But that's what work is about.

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