Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Holiday Break

Sorry, I took time off over the holiday because I wanted to finish my romance novel. It seems like I didn't have time to do anything this Christmas and our tree is still up! In our house, the tree comes down the day after Christmas (traditionally), but I suppose since I am still baking the Christmas cookies and truffles (the chocolates not the mushrooms) I promised my kids, I can still have the tree up.

I have been diligently writing, and believe it or not after insulting me several more times the guy I edited the screenplay for paid in full (I stopped communicating with him several weeks ago, but he keeps sending me a nasty letter every now and again telling me how he is going to ruin my career). Since he doesn't seem to have a foot in the romance industry I am not worried about his threats at the moment.

I did finish my romance: The Inconvenient Widow. Thus begins my trek back into traditional publishing. I will submit it tonight. I think I will talk about query letters and the submission process in my next post at the end of the week, but then I will get back into some of the interesting side jobs I have done.

Hope everyone had a good holiday season!

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