Friday, January 24, 2014


Although I no longer work for Simple N, I have recently picked up work from another great repeat employer. Like Simple, he also is mysterious enough for me to have begun creating an entire fictitious life for him. His story doesn't have much shape right now, but eventually, it should.

DovSky doesn't have a confidentiality agreement with me, but I try to keep his stuff confidential because he is just so mysterious I think I should. I do editing for him, and most of it is overnight stuff. In other words, he sends me an email at 10:00PM and asks if I can have it back by 2:00PM the next day.

I enjoy working with him not only because he is very mysterious and imagination stimulating, but also because he pays well and is a regular customer who is easy to work with. That is the type of employer every freelancer needs. One time big jobs will not give you a regular income, but repeat smaller jobs do.

Now, normally, I wouldn't question ASAP editing or find anything mysterious about it. But, these are like expired coupons from over five years ago. Why the rush? It isn't like they are about to expire tomorrow. I have yet to receive one coupon dated after 2011. Mysterious...

Of course I can think up all kinds of reasons someone would want expired coupons edited five years after the fact, just give me another year or so and I will probably have a whole book about it.

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