Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Real Job?

Occasionally, I am contacted outside of Guru for jobs. I know that it is easy for people to find email addresses and all sorts of personal information, but these people often see my bid and then decide to contact me privately.

Recently I had one person do this. He required that I sign a confidentiality agreement with him and sent me work so I could show a sample of my editing skills. But every time I bring up how much I will get paid or anything that has to do with payment, he doesn't answer my questions beyond saying - whatever you bid.

So, I keep all my proposals (bids) and I cannot find this person's name on any of them. It is true that I could have accidentally deleted it, it is equally as true that he could be looking for free work. The question is: How much do I give him before I say enough.

Well, here is my answer: enough. I have more than enough work through Guru. I do not have Paypal or any other way to receive money except through Guru. Therefore, I do not feel I need to do any more (such as sending this guy an email asking why I haven't heard from him). I also hope that he does not contact me again because the work is tedious.

Now, I am going back to writing my other top secret job with a guy who is okay with working through Guru.

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