Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hiring my hubby

My best hire is my husband. Although he is not a writer, he has talent and less emotion than I have. So I hired him to sort through and get rid of my project leads that I will not do. There are many things I do not do either because there are much more talented freelancers out their to do them (like grant writing), I would find them ethically wrong (like writing stellar product reviews), or I personally find them boring and unappealing (like press releases).

When I hit 100 project matches (I like to keep about 20 in this folder), I knew I needed help weeding them out. My husband gladly complied, but being a woman, I demanded more. I wanted him to help me write a book in the style of a Pentecostal preacher from Madagascar (or something like that). My husband was less than thrilled, but he thankfully complied. Amazingly, he actually did a remarkable job, to the point that I did not have much rewriting to do.

I am hoping to teach him how to format next. Most authors run into three problems when writing a book that requires the hire of a freelance ghostwriter: (1) I have a great idea but I do not know how to write it or finish writing it, (2) I finished an awesome book but I need someone to make it flow better (content editing) and/or check spelling and grammar, or (3) I need someone to format my book for print/e-book. Usually (1) and (2) also need (3), it is just a matter of where in the process the author got stuck.

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