Friday, August 22, 2014

Different Methods of Freelancing Part II

Now, since my website is out if I were trying to promote myself as a freelancer without Guru, I could use my blog to generate business. Posting quirky little tips to attract potential employers - but then I think we all agree that would drastically change the look of my blog(s). Two of my blogs are purely book promotion: The Lost Histories of Eden and The Inconvenient Series. So, those are both out - unlike my website, they get an expected amount of traffic. (Actually, I have no clue how much traffic my website gets... according to Alexa I am ranked 9,000ish- whatever that means?) Then there is my RSS News feed page. I created this blog for myself. I wanted a homepage where I could read all my favorite news feeds and not have ads or distracting garbage. I use the blog part solely to vent about news. Which brings me to this blog. (This blog is unranked with Alexa - after all who really wants to SEO when you are ranting...)

Technically, I should be using this to promote my freelance business, but really? As any of you who follow me know - this blog is FOR freelancers. It is for you to realize that yes, there are very strange employers out there, but there are also excellent ones I just finished working with one). There are things that work and there are things that don't work. It is for you to learn writing and self-publishing tips. And, yes, it is for me to vent about my toughest jobs. I am a writer - since I don't currently own a punching bag; I don't currently have time to go to the gym or even workout; and the pen is, after all, mightier than the sword, this is my place to get it all out of my system. Because goodness knows tomorrow I may wake up and find I am working for yet another person who requires a huge amount of patience on my part - or worse, could really do with some sort of mental evaluation. And yes, I spend plenty of time on my shrink's couch venting there, too. Thankfully, my shrink knows how to laugh with me about my experiences.

Anyway, if you click on the article, you will also find tongal a crowsourcing website that doesn't appeal to me because (1) it's primarily for freelancers who make videos and (2) you have to go to the trouble of coming up with an idea and selling it, but if you aren't chosen, you don't get paid. :( And then there was contently which is a portfolio hosting website. The only benefit contently offers over Guru is that bigger names would get to see it...

I'll be the first to admit, my way isn't the only way. It just works for me. Yeah, Guru has serious messaging and file upload problems, but I would have to arrange for offsite delivery with many of the other options, too. And yeah, I don't get credit - but as an art for art's sake writer, I don't necessarily want a byline on an advertisement or even an e-book I pushed out in two weeks.

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