Monday, August 11, 2014

Are writers a dying breed?

You may think there are plenty of writers, and there are, but with all the online - "I'll write your essay for you" websites, what will the writer of tomorrow look like?

I agree with the next guy that making someone write an essay to get into college is dumb. No high school teaches the college level skills needed to be semi-successful especially when you are competing against essays written by college graduates and paid for by other potential students. The only essay that should be considered is the one that is a part of the SAT or any other college entrance exam. (Read: one that has been written after the student's identity is verified and under controlled circumstances.)

Guru does not allow school projects to be posted, but some people have found ways of getting around this (as you know by my last couple posts). For example, there was the guy who posted a project looking for an engineering paper. I thought the project looked a little suspicious, but the next one he posted was for a nursing paper. Okay, no engineer is going to need a nursing paper, so I thought this guy was legitimate. I applied to the next job, which was also on a medical topic, and that was how I discovered he was trying to have freelancers do college papers for students.

Anyway, if a freelancer is writing college entrance essays, basically they are allowing the rich (who can afford to pay freelancers) to get into college and discriminating against the poor (who may be better writers but will not be able to compete against a college graduate). How sad is that. Furthermore, they will be allowing a disproportionate number of cheaters into the college system. These cheaters, it can be expected, will continue to cheat throughout college and will never learn anything (like how to write for themselves).

So, my question is, when we get to that point - what happens when all the educated people (who had been covering for the uneducated but wealthy) die? Who will write papers then? What will happen to all that knowledge that did not get passed on to the next generation because they were too busy cheating to learn it?

Maybe that is the real reason all the empires of the past fell.

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