Saturday, December 21, 2013

Cloaked in Fur Book Review

I like reviewing books for Reader's Favorite. If you are self-publishing, I recommend you submit to them for a review. I sent Sal, Captain of the Baby Guards to them, and if I get a favorable review, I am planning on submitting it for their contest. Reviews are free (unless you want them fast), but the yearly contest does cost. However, submitting your book will either get a good review - if the book is good OR advice on how to make the book better. Either way, you get a little sample of how the market feels about your book.

Reviewed by Jennifer Reinoehl for Readers' Favorite.
T. F. Walsh’s Cloaked in Fur is an action, paranormal book. It is an intense, suspenseful werewolf-style story set in modern Romania and told in first person.

Daciana, or Daci as her boyfriend calls her, no longer feels at home with her pack because of the changes in the way their leader is acting. She lives in the city away from her wulfkin (werewolf) family, dreads the nearing Lunar Eutine when she will have to join them, and is seeking a mystical recipe that could help her become a human and allow her to leave them permanently.
Then, she encounters a dracwulf – a forbidden creature created by mating a wulfkin with a natural wolf. She must figure out why this creature is in existence when allowing it to live can mean death for her pack and why it is suddenly hunting the humans near and dear to her. She also struggles with leading a double life and keeping up with all the lies she has to tell her boyfriend, Connell, to keep him from discovering her true nature.

Cloaked in Fur is a page-turner that moves quickly from beginning to end with many heavy action scenes. Once you start reading, catch your breath where you can. The descriptions are realistic and well done. There are scenes of graphic violence and one, long, detailed sex scene, so this one isn’t for kids. I docked it a star because although most of the ends are wrapped up, T. F. Walsh takes a little longer to do it. This makes the conclusion drag a little even though the heavy action is sustained throughout it.

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