Monday, September 23, 2013

You are Invited to a Project!

The first time someone invited me to a project, I was ecstatic. I thought, wow! they invited me. Then I realized they also invited 100 other people. This was after I had already bid on the job thinking I would get it. It was also before I realized I needed to click the envelope instead of the use my profile so I do not waste a bid.

Now that I have been invited to marketing projects, software development projects, and website design projects (I am neither knowledgeable nor excited about performing any of these), it has lost some of its glamour.

I do state on my profile that if someone is interested in my skills beyond writing and translation, they can invite me to their project. However, the specific skill I was talking about is my videoediting (which is listed on my profile as well). So far I have only had one job and it would have been way more in-depth than what I could do right now. (It was a huge job and I already have too many big jobs going.) I also would have probably not done it as low cost as some of the other people who were invited to it, because I would have hired actual actors.

Anyway, today I got another project invitation and started to write this post to grump about it (it is my fourth invitation this week). However, it turned out to be from a guy who actually wants to hire me, who has only invited me, and who has been communicating with me about it all week long. Now I feel both special and ecstatic. Well, at least until the next marketing invitation comes along...

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