Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Dangers of Working on Two Jobs at Once

August was slow. I have many big projects I am working on, but they do not pay my weekly bills. They just pay for me to edit, illustrate, market, etc. my own work. They have bigger payouts that I cannot access quickly enough.

Therefore, I need small jobs to keep my family fed. And there were not many people hiring in August I am noting it as another slow time on my calendar to help me budget better. So, I did what I always do when I am slow - beginning bidding on new (short) jobs... a lot.

Well, now those jobs must be at the end of their posting because I have gotten two new jobs every day this week. I am not complaining. These jobs are short and easy, but combined with my other work they can be a little overwhelming. Today, I decided I could work faster if I work on two jobs at the same time. One is a job with a list of software tools the other is a job writing a few simple children's books on emotions. I soon discovered this was a bad idea after typing Max is sad. His Aunt came home. on the list of software tools.

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