Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Fantasy Football and Freelancing

Most of you would probably think its a no brainer, but Fantasy football and freelancing do NOT mix well. I am sure you could substitute any time consuming project - 4H, Candy Crush, FaceBook lurking, self-publishing, etc. - for "Fantasy football."

I would not have signed up for Fantasy football - nor asked to be signed up for it - but my husband of 15 years signed me up without my consent. Sigh. I always knew he was a football fanatic (and so am I), but he hated Fantasy football. Until last year...

So, this year he signed up the whole family and convinced me that it was a "family event." Yes, each of our four children are also playing in our league. However, I cannot just play. I am a highly competitive person. So, I had to develop notebooks filled with player stats to make sure I had the best players in the right positions. Then of course I stumbled across all the sub-games that offers. More notebooks appeared filled with even more stats as I tried to guess the best players, teams, etc. each week. Meanwhile, my blog and my freelancing business have gotten sluggish. The fact that I got sick and entered into a major depression in August/ September and am still trying to pull myself out of it hasn't helped.

Now, when I am putting out a book or posting to Facebook, I am at least being productive. However, when I am doing things on, I can't really justify them. Although I am limiting my time on there (and my team/ entries are suffering), I still am typing this with one tab open to watch my team going against my son's team. Believe me, if I ever think of a way to promote my books on there, I will let you know. But really, how many people watch football/ play fantasy football and enjoy reading fantasy, historical romance, medical non-fiction, children's books, postmodern fiction books? I would be willing to bet not many...

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