Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Let the Buyer (or Freelance Employer) Beware! Part I

I don't even notice most jobs that I am not hired for, but on occasion, when I think I am the best applicant (yeah, I freely admit there are people better than or equal to me), I go back and check to see who won the job and try to figure out why so that I can adjust my strategy. 

Now, this has been an interesting couple of weeks. I have been approached twice to do someone else's school work and I have lost two jobs for questionable reasons.

It's those two jobs I want to talk about. In both cases, I have to question the ability of the freelancers to perform well. Both of them are amazingly good salespeople. They have very convincing front covers to their profiles. However, if you dig a little deeper, you find that all is not what it seems. 

Freelancer no. 1 has been around Guru for a long time. He has a very compelling picture and a well-written cover for his profile. A while back, when I first began freelancing, I checked out his writing. It was 100% filled with fluff. It didn't say anything. Based solely on his samples, I decided he must get paid per word because he was really boosting his work without much research. 

Well, I recently had cause to check him out again. This time, I used a deep web search to find all the websites that mentioned him because his new profile landing page was filled with accolades. He has (according to it) done remarkable things in Film, Radio, and Journalism. I was a little skeptical, after all I had seen his samples a few years ago and I was certainly not interested in reading them again. 

My deep web search turned up some more great pages about him - but these were on advertising websites. In other words, he probably wrote them himself. In one, it said that this freelancer was responsible for giving a singer his nickname. I am going to say "Sting," because I don't want to expose this freelancer directly. It also mentioned that he started a type of PBS in his hometown. Well, I did the research and "Sting" had been called "Sting" since he first formed the band. His band members began calling him it - not the press. In fact, it was used in the press 5 -10 years before this guy claimed to have given it to him. Oh, and the PBS station did not exist in any online forum. 

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